10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard in India

10 Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Wireless Gaming keyboard is a smart efficient and useful gadget that is widely used nowadays to get faster response and comfortable keystroking with soothing vibrant RGB lighting.

The add spices your gaming experience and replaces the hassles of using a regular keyboard which usually lags and responds as it to your commands.

Based on faster response rate easy connectivity and using RGB lighting technology there are plenty of wireless keyboards available to buy in the market.

In order to help you out, we have listed the top 10 wireless gaming keyboards that you can use to improve your gaming skills tactfully so let's get started.

GameSir GK300

GameSir GK300

Buy GameSir GK300 on Amazon

With 2.4 GHz Wireless connectivity it meets the next-generation wireless keyboard designed for gamer with a 1ms report rate it delivering high precision, responsiveness, and high stability.

The TTC Mechanical Blue Switches makes its all 104-key gaming keyboard, super key lifespan and it can withstand 50 million keystrokes, which leads to tactile and clicky with a bump feel, for the ultimate gaming performance.

With 10 anti-ghosting keys, there will be no conflict for up to 10 simultaneous key presses, no lagging comes up with your idea and keystroke.

It has two modes for connectivity, the wireless mode uses a 2.4GHz dongle and connects all Bluetooth 4.1 or below devices, easily connect and control and the other one is wired connectivity.

It comes with aluminum alloy drawing panel material, it’s ultra-compact while maintaining a lightweight frame and low-profile excellent full-sized keyboard layout.

Magic-Refiner MK11 RGB 

Magic-Refiner MK11 RGB

Buy Magic-Refiner MK11 RGB on Amazon

MK11 Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard: Dual-mode keyboard, support wired Micro USB and wireless BT mode. High-performance HFD2201KBA LQFP64 design.with only 550g of weight.

MK11 is compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices. It can connect with up to three devices and can easily be switched among them. It also runs on both wired mode and for use wired mode it has a micro detachable USB.

It comes with 87 keys which makes it the perfect gaming keyboard and designed with selectable 18backlit effects, you never feel bored when using the MK11 RGB mechanical keyboard. 

G-Cord Keyboard

G-Cord Keyboard

Buy G-Cord Keyboard on Amazon

It also uses two different modes for connectivity, Wireless Mode it uses the USB receiver and Wired Mode just Connects the cable to the computer, the keyboard will automatically convert to the wired mode.

It comes with 6 Immersive lighting effects: Always Light, Horizontal Streamer, Vertical Streamer, Gradual Light, Light with Press, No Light. To use the lighting effect just press FN + F9 simultaneously to change the light effect.

G-Cord Wireless comes with 104 anti-ghosting keys which means no conflict, no lagging when you press multiple keys together.

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This is also a multi-connectivity supported keyboard that uses Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless connectivity and comes with a detachable micro USB to act as a wired keyboard.

The latest version of the DIERYA keyboard comes with a keycap that is sprayed on the surface providing a matte or semi-matte elegant appearance, feeling very delicate, smooth, & solemn.

The DIERYA keyboard has 7 colors effects yellow/white/blue/red/purple/green/light green, combining 7 RGB lights the effect, such as reactive mode, wave mode, ripple mode, aurora mode shocking your vision while playing games.

It comes in a compact size which means you can carry this keyboard in your backpack when you are traveling.

DREVO Calibur 

DREVO Calibur
The unique compact size Drevo Calibur Keyboard also supports multi-connectivity both wired and wireless. It designed uniquely for those who love to travel and play games on a laptop usually.

This has only 71 keys on the board and the Functions keys are inserted into a number of row keys to make and the extra Numpad have removed to make it more compact.

The true RGB 16.8 million color options, personalize each key backlight via DPC software, get colorful sidelights by pressing FN+INS.

It can be switch between PC and Mac easily by pressing "FN+TAB", a Friendly design for Windows and Mac users.

The anti-ghosting, N-key Rollover allows controlling each key independently, delivering an accurate response while maintaining fluidity. Multimedia keys make much fun while playing games.

Onlywe Rechargeable Keyboard

Onlywe Rechargeable Keyboard

Buy Onlywe Rechargeable Keyboard on Amazon

This keyboard uses Metal Wire Drawing Panel, reinforcement, and thickening. The border polished decoration, elegant and stylish appearance which gives a 100% brand fealing.

The keyboard is rechargeable & glowing. the keyboard is 1000MAH large-capacity lithium battery, it is normal can be used for 5-7 days.

It comes with an amazing backlight, the modes are adjustable to your preferred brightness and speed for an immersive lighting effect.

The Multimedia Function Keys provides easy access to a calculator, media, volume control, etc. It ensures you can use it for gaming working, entertainment.

The wireless keyboard adopts an engineering streamlined key position layout, which is suitable for human hands to tap the arc of the keyboard motion and feels comfortable.



Buy CorsAir K63 on Amazon

CorsAir K63 connects using ultra-fast 1ms 2.4GHz gaming-optimized wireless technology, low latency Bluetooth wireless, also it supports micro USB wired connectivity.

It's 100% Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches with gold contacts for fast, precise key presses. and comes with per-key, Blue LED backlighting, and large font keycaps that deliver vibrant lighting effects.

It has 128-Bit AES encryption mode which helps protect keystrokes from wireless eavesdropping to keep personal data safe.

The compact and portable keyless design saves on space and makes travel easy
Up to 15 hours of rechargeable battery to use wireless mode, and it has dedicated multimedia and volume controls to adjust your audio on-the-fly.

Docooler Magic-Refiner MK11

Docooler Magic-Refiner MK11

Buy Docooler Magic-Refiner MK11 on Amazon

With the dual-mode keyboard, support wired Micro USB connectivity and wireless BT mode connectivity with High-performance.

The full keyboard is 87 keys with two areas, adopts a tempered mechanical axis. Adopting International Class A high-quality 1.6mm FR-4 double PCB board. The USB connection mode is full key without conflict, wireless BT mode is 6 key without conflict. BT maximum straight line distance is 10 meters.

It comes with RGB backlight mode and each LED is controlled independently, supports 256 levels of PWM with 18 kinds of cool lighting effects, which adds glory to the g



Buy Soke-Six on Amazon

This keyboard use 0.6MM Metal Wire Drawing Panel, reinforcement, and thickening. The border polished decoration, elegant and gives a stylish appearance.

Using 2.4GHZ wireless technology, effectively avoid other environmental interference improved the date decoding speed, and be used from a distance up to 10m.

The keyboard with Suspension keycap, High-Low layout, which has a comfortable sense of paragraph. By pressing FN key multimedia Function can be used which ensures to use it for gaming, working, entertainment.

The keyboard share a nano sink, no flooring, plug & play, very easy and convenient. 

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