PUBG Mobile India listing job on LinkedIn | Signs of returning to the country?


PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular Battle Royal games, was banned in India in September due to the growing border dispute between India and China. Since then, the company PUBG Corporation, which owns the PUBG mobile game, has given full strength to return to India.

Due to this, South Korea based PUBG Crop first withdrew the rights of the Indian Franchise from Chinese company Tencent. After this, news also came that the company is also negotiating with Reliance and Airtel for the return of PUBG Mobile.

But now an interesting thing has come to light, by increasing the curiosity among Indian gamers, there has been some strong evidence of PUBG Mobile's return to the country. Actually, Jobs Post belongs to PUBG Corp's LinkedIn account, due to which the speculation about the return of the game in India has intensified.

PUBG India Jobs Listing On LinkedIn

pubg job listing on linkedin

In fact, this job posting has been done by the company for the post of "Corporate Development Division Manager - India", which was posted on LinkedIn 3 days ago.

Pubg job listing requirement

But the most special is the few lines related to the description given about this job. Actually, it has been written about the responsibility related to the post in one line. "Support the setup process PUBG India with guidance from HQ (ie. Krafton Inc.)", which makes it clear that PUBG Crop is probably going to set up its office in the country.

work from home pubg mobile

This is because the line added by PUBG to PUBG India Jobs Listing is working from home in India or the city where PUBG India will be set up ”

Meanwhile, it has been clear that PUBG Crop is making all efforts to negotiate with the Indian government to launch PUBG Mobile back in the country.

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