MaskFone N95 Mask Built-in Wireless Bluetooth Earphones | Know the Price & Specifications

MaskFone N95 Mask has built-in Wireless Earphones

MaskFone N95 Mask: Ever since Corona started showing its impact all over the world, people were also cautious about the corona, due to which people are using Face Mask as a weapon.

Along with this, many companies are also launching Mask in the market with new innovations, so that the style can be maintained and technology and safety are not compromised.

This includes some new products such as Rechargeable Masks, Battery-powered Air Purifier Masks, and Transparent Masks.

Now the British company Hubble Connected has launched the medical-grade N95 Filter Mask.

It has built-in wireless earphones and a mic. This will provide maximum security to the people, as well as they will also be able to enjoy phone calls, music.

MaskFone N95 Mask has built-in Wireless Earphones

MaskFone N95 Mask Specifications

This Mask is named MaskFone, it protects the customers from corona as well as takes care of the entertainment of the customers.

This is the most unique experiment to avoid the corona epidemic, in addition, users can also use earphones in it.

It has inbuilt earphones, the company claimed on its official page that this Face Mask is a combination of safety, technology, and comfort, all three.

Along with this, it is also better in stylish, high-quality packages, the music control button has also been provided for the customers.

According to the company, it prevents other particles present in the outside, which reduces the ability to get the disease, the risk of allergies and other diseases are also reduced.

It also protects against pollution through its N95 filter and also protects against the SARS-CoV-2 virus responsible for the coronavirus. The N95 filter in it can be disposed of and replaced.

Hubble Connected has claimed that people can enjoy music for about 12 hours once fully charged, and also it connects easily to Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant.

According to the company's founder & chairman Dino Lalvani, this will make people's lives even easier and practical. And stylish and better look will affect people even more.

MaskFone Price & Availability

MaskFone will cost around ₹3,600. The N95 filter mask will cost ₹1,400. This is the price of the sale. And it will have a total of 5 filters, currently, it is available on pre-order in the US, and there is no information about its availability in India yet.

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